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Posted by EnigmusJ4 consists of a growing Wiki and most importantly, a vB-based forum where young composers of all ages can upload their compositions for feedback and advice, ask questions, and otherwise communicate with other budding composers and musicians. There are a few more experienced members on the board as well, so no question can go unanswered!

I've been a member for nearly a year now, and I think the site has had a great influence on me, I have made composer friends and participated in competitions to keep the inspiration flowing, as well as learned from others and improved my own skills and knowledge. The board is VERY active, you won't need to wait long for replies. Additionally, I find the range of discussion topics and overall quality and attitude absolutey spectacular.

Please give the site a chance, look around for a while, read some discussions, and if you like what you see, join and become a part of the community. We are a very friendly community and cordially welcome all new members.
For anybody interested, here is my forum user-profile, if you join and have any questions from there, feel free to contact me by private message and let me know you came from 8notes. Any questions anybody has about the site, feel free to ask here.

My profile:

(added note: mp3 uploads are not yet supported on YC, but will be integrated within the next few months to a year as we integrate a brand new social networking package. For now, users who wish to provide mp3 samples of their work may upload their files on a hosting site (such as,, or any other equally viable site.), as is common.)

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Posted by natureguy

Yay YC! I love this site!


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