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Finale Notepad

Finale Notepad    21:17 on Tuesday, June 29, 2010          

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Posted by DanTheMaster

As I understand it, one used to be able to download a free version of Finale Notepad from Finale's website. I am now unable to find one. Is it no longer available, or am I just overlooking something? Thanks.

Re: Finale Notepad    05:44 on Tuesday, May 31, 2011          

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Posted by SimpsonSaxGal

Sorry to dig up an old post, but perhaps someone has some input.

I have Finale Notepad 2007 on my old laptop, but I'm really wanting a program for my new laptop. I've done multiple searches for a free Finale program, but I'm coming up with nothing. I'd even be ok with finding a site that still offers the 2007 program for download, doesn't need to be a new version.

If anyone has any suggestions for a free Finale download link or another free composition program, I'd be thankful.

Re: Finale Notepad    11:00 on Tuesday, May 31, 2011          

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Posted by egretboy

Yes, unfortunately Finale Notepad is no longer free. If you buy an essential elements music book ($7.00, I think), it comes with a version ( it may not be the newest one), you could kill two birds with one stone by getting a music book for your instrument and aiding your composing (or whatever).

As for other free programs:

MuseScore is free music notation software with about the same possibilities as Notepad. It lacks a couple of components, like MIDI sounds (which aren't great on Notepad anyhow) and there are some technical problems, like it didn't use to let you put triplets in the third beat of a measure when I used it, but these are probably fixed now. It also has a few functions that Notepad doesn't have: you can right pieces for many more instruments. If you are okay with the technical drawbacks, it works fine. Download link is here: You may have to make an account on the site before download.

NoteFlight is online composition site. It can be confusing for Finale users like me and you, but I got the hang of it soon enough: you edit the note after, not before, you place it on the score. You can let others see, play and edit your score, or you can keep it private. You can also comment on and play and sometimes edit other's scores. I like it because you can use it on any computer. The downside: you need Wifi. I use Noteflight when I am bored and not on my computer. You need to become a member first. Link:

Also, finale songwriter and print music are both pretty cheap, and work much better than the two I listed.

NoteFlight Is an online music notation site: no programs

Re: Finale Notepad    14:59 on Thursday, June 02, 2011          

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Posted by PhilOShite

I had a demo version of Sibelius, you may want to look for that. I have to say I bought a copy of Finale Print Music. I wish I hadn't, it is pretty dreadful. As for Sibelius, I took a score off the shelf to try using it and it failed at the first bar. All in all, it was very disapointing. I appreciate that it was a demo, but even so it did not make me want to spend a lot of money & it not work.

Re: Finale Notepad    10:45 on Friday, June 03, 2011          

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Posted by egretboy

In what ways is Printmusic dreadful? I have had no problems with it (except for a MIDI sound problem caused by my speakers).


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