Hello, Street pianist and composer, here you have some of my compo

Hello, Street pianist and composer, here you have some of my compo

Hello, Street pianist and composer, here you have some of my compo    09:02 on Saturday, May 25, 2013          



My name is Steve Villa-Massone, I am on this forum for years, watching a lot topics, but I was not there as a member, unfortunately.
I am a street pianist, from Paris. I play on the street for about 10 years. I use to play compositions, classical pieces and some transcriptions. I hope you will enjoy my compositions (and arrangements). Have you some buskers (street musicians) on your city? What kind of music are they playing?
Have you ever played in a public area ?


"Come Bach", an old composition, in bach style. I composed it some years ago.


"La lune bleue" ("Blue moon"), this piece is not really classic, it is like a love music.


"Sonate n1 en La Mineur" composed some months ago, I use to play it a lot on streets.


In this other video, I play "schubertienne", a recent composition too. I tried to make a work on Schubert.



Vivaldi The Four Seasons, winter (my own piano transcription). I made it cause I thought that Winter's piano covers were kinda rare on youtube. It was live recorded, on the street, so there are some mistakes.


In this other video I made a jazz arrangment of "alla turka". It was like 40% improvisation.


Finaly on this last video, I play "czardas" (Vittorio Monti), composed for violin. I made this arrangment for violin + piano. Live recorded too, it was on the street with a close friend, david (violin).


And for fun, the last one, it was my first "busk" on Paris, I played with a friend (marco), on earth wind and fire, we both are on piano, and he makes some vocal trumpet.


Have a great day and I hope you will enjoy those videos.


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