Hi, Everybody!!

Hi, Everybody!!

Hi, Everybody!!    16:30 on Sunday, September 09, 2007          


I'm normally in the saxophone forum and the piano forum, but I'm here because I must say how awesome the French horn is!!

Last Thursday, I was at an elementary school helping kids choose band instruments to start on (I helped them with the sax). Anywho, at the end when I was helping put away the different instruments, I asked if I could try the French horn for a few minutes. It was really hard, but I was able to get about 8 notes out of it. I've never tried a brass instrument before that, so it was a bit of a challenge (especially since I tried a "double-valve" French horn and had no idea what the key in the back did).

Just wanted to post my experience and my new-found love of the French horn...


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