Traveling With a Horn

Traveling With a Horn

Traveling With a Horn    11:30 on Saturday, August 14, 2010          

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Posted by AliceM

I recently bought a Willson CS-240 that has a detachable bell. The ProTec case it came with is a few inches too large to qualify as a carry-on for flying and isn't suitable for the heavy-duty protection required for going as cargo.I don't want to check my horn as baggage,anyway. What can be done to get my horn on the flight with me?

I've read some people's experiences carrying their horn on the plane and asking the attendants to put the horn in an out-of-the-way area. This seems somewhat hit-or-miss, though. I might not even be able to get the horn on the flight in the first place.

I'm not traveling until early October, so there's time to plan.


Re: Traveling With a Horn    20:59 on Saturday, August 14, 2010          

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Posted by JOhnlovemusic

You can look into other cases that will fit within the carry on guidelines. But - with what you have know your specific dimensions, call the airline you will be flyimg with in advance and tell them that you will be traveling with a musical instrument. There is a process in some airlines called "Orange tag". If they vcan't fit it in the attendants closet You can carry your instrument through security and then have the instrument checked at the boarding gate. It will get hand carried to the luggage area and then ask that they hand carry back to you (much like a wheel chair or other specialty needed item).

MArcus Bona cases will fit almost any horn and they all fit in the uppper storage areas. They don't fit Conn 6D's. though.

Another option is Anvil or Rockhard cases.

Both these comapnies will custom build you a travel case that can be checked though as baggage. They can make the case to fit your horn alone or fit your horn in it's case inside the case they build. Both these companies build what are known as ATA certified cases. This means they are guaranteed to meet certain specifications and ALL the airlines have agreed that if your instrument gets damages in an ATA certified case they WILL accept responsibility for the damage. Tour groups use these cases to prevent damage to their sensitive equipment.

I know you think it might be a lot. but Anvil Case or Rock Hard Case will build you a custom protective case for about $400, $500 if you want the rollers on it. Considering the value of your instrument it's not that much money when you think about how much damage can't happen to your instrument.

Re: Traveling With a Horn    15:46 on Sunday, August 15, 2010          

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Posted by AliceM

I found an Osmun flight case that should work if the one I have now doesn't pass.
Thanks for your help.


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