Fixed Bell versus Detactable

Fixed Bell versus Detactable

Fixed Bell versus Detactable    17:30 on Monday, July 30, 2012          

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Posted by Hachiko707

I will be receiving a new "old" horn in the post soon. Since the horn will require a valve rebuild(it is a cold-war Hans Hoyer Geyer wrap) I am also considering having the bell cut at the same time. Other than the obvious reason of portability of the detachable bell, what if any are the advantages or disadvantages of a fixed bell or removable one. The horn is already lacquer free.I am currently playing a Reynolds, which is a good horn,have played mainly Holton's(which I love)Yamaha's and a few Conns but all were fixed-bell with the exception of a brief loaner of a Holton Tuckwell. Thanks for any insight and opinions. Any thoughts on Geyer wrapped horns would be appreciated as well, I have never played one before and this Hoyer is kind of an experiment for me.

Re: Fixed Bell versus Detactable    19:37 on Monday, July 30, 2012          

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Posted by phred

I have not played on a Cold War Hans Hoyer, I hear that some of the compensators from that time are really great value, and the modern ones are certainly worthy. I have played both single piece and detachable, unfortunately never one before and after conversion. If it is done correctly I believe the theory is that it is done at an anti-node so a part of the bell that usually does not actively vibrate. Pros: you can change bells for a change of tone without changing your horn. I have a cut bell Conn 8D that before consigning tried a couple bells to see if it improved my appreciation of the 8D. Though it didn't play any easier, it certainly changed the tone from Nickel to a rose brass. Of course as you mention, portable. I had a horn teacher who had a double, back-to-back detachable bell case that was smaller than the single for my Reynolds compensator. That horn had a somewhat bulky original 1930's or 40's case, but still! On to the cons: My only side by side was with a Holton 180 and 280. I like Holtons, I own one myself. This is a good instrument in either configuration. I did think the 180 was a little more lively while the 280 seem to have less overblowing problems. But it wasn't much. Again, no before and after experience, so.... anyone else?

Re: Fixed Bell versus Detactable    13:59 on Monday, August 20, 2012          

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Posted by Val_Wells

I own a detachable bell horn. I carry it around in a fix bell ProTec gig bag. It's been so long since I've removed the bell, I don't even know if I still can. I don't like removing & replacing the bell every time I practice or go to a rehearsal. Complete waste of time, not to mention the wear & tear on the instrument. The only advantage of a detachable bell is for airplane travel or an extreme shortage of space.

Valerie Wells


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