For Sale: Conn 8D Rose Brass

For Sale: Conn 8D Rose Brass

For Sale: Conn 8D Rose Brass    10:10 on Wednesday, August 01, 2012          

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Posted by JWalton85

I have for sale a Conn 8D Rose Brass Double Horn. This horn is in pristine condition, and is as close to new as you can probably get. The horn has been out of use for some time, and so as a courtesy it has been recently professionally serviced to bring it to full working order. This horn is ready to play upon arrival. Included is a mouthpiece (used, not pictured). The photos on ebay show all blemishes. As you can see, I took very good care of this horn, and I have been it's first and only owner. I have given it a careful inspection and could find no dents on this instrument except the one pictured on the final curve to the bell, which is less than half an inch in diameter. There are a few spots where the lacquer has worn, and they are all shown in the pictures on ebay.


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