Best Chinese horn?

Best Chinese horn?

Best Chinese horn?    01:21 on Friday, August 24, 2012          

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Posted by probyn

I am in Hong Kong on biz for a few days and am looking for a second horn. I have been impressed with some of the newer Chinese instruments in the past few years- cellos, even trumpets seem to be of superior quality at good price value. Can anybody recommend a Chinese-made horn?

Re: Best Chinese horn?    11:10 on Friday, August 24, 2012          

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Posted by phred

I'm sure there are some good horns of Chinese origin out there, maybe available only in the eastern market, but those exported to the United States seem to be universally bad. I have recently seen two of them at a local used/repair shop. Both were less than 2 years old and the brazing was already coming apart and the valves were wobbly, like an abused vintage horn. I actually recently ran into a Pakistani trumpet that was pretty nice. If Pakistan is making french horns, and you must have an eastern horn, I would try one. Tom Lee music stores in Honk Kong carry Alexander, Yamaha, both highly respected, I'd tend to go with one of those if you must purchase now.


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