"squinty" embouchure

"squinty" embouchure

"squinty" embouchure    14:31 on Wednesday, October 03, 2012          

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Posted by phred

I have very consciously been trying to analyze my embouchure when I feel it is on. Ligther, snappier highend and stacattos, better accuracy, more fluid legato, etc. I have been inhaling "AHHH" and notice that after that, by thinking about lifting my cheeks (squinting slightly) stuff suddenly becomes much cleaner. Has anyone else noticed this?

Re: squinty embouchure    21:00 on Thursday, November 29, 2012          

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Posted by danshapiro

There was a week in my horn career when I found my playing quickly becoming tighter and more tense, tounging airballs left and right. Looking in the mirror, I realized that when I went to attack a note, I was tensing up my cheeks and squinting. After a very short time of consciously making an effort to relax my face, these issues were resolved.

I am inclined to say that the more relaxed your body is (except of course for the muscles directly making the sound) the better. However, everyone is different.

Re: squinty embouchure    20:08 on Friday, February 08, 2013          

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Posted by Val_Wells

I'm inclined to agree with DanShapiro. Excess tension will contribute to fatigue.



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