Trying to sell my Conn

Trying to sell my Conn

Trying to sell my Conn    15:47 on Monday, December 17, 2012          

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Posted by frenchhornhero

I currently have a silver lacquer Conn 8D from 2007 that I am trying to sell and replace. The horn has been taken regular care of and played daily for almost exactly 5 years now. Additionally, it has an added water key, which do NOT come standard on this model. Dents have been few and far between, have been very minor, and have all been repaired. There is some wear in the lacquer on the main tuning slides, that with the addition of the water key will slow down. One of the braces came unattached from the slides, which has also been repaired. None of these repairs have changed the sound or appearance of the horn.

Based on this description, can anyone give me an idea of what I may be able to get for it? I'm hoping in the neighborhood of $2,000 - $2,500.


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