How to price a horn to sell

How to price a horn to sell

How to price a horn to sell    20:48 on Friday, August 02, 2013          

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Posted by Trail_chic42

I want to sell my Conn 6-D horn but am having trouble finding how to price it. I have found serial number charts and if I am understanding them correctly my horn dates to 1956? It's in great condition and I want the buyer to feel they got a great deal while I can feel that I did, too. I'd appreciate any help! Thank you!!

Re: How to price a horn to sell    15:48 on Monday, August 05, 2013          

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Posted by JOhnlovemusic

Pricing a used Horn can be confusing. Typically the price being asked should represent the condition of the instrument being sold. Unfortunately many people see a similar make or model sell for a price and think there horn should sell for the same price, not knowing that other instrument had a recent valve job, was maintained regularly, etc.

On Conn 6D's the serial number is not enough to determine the age. Other factors include where that serial number is located. Is it on the valve lever brace, or is it on the valve casing? What is, or is not, on the bell flare?

Here is how I price a Conn horn when asked to by shops, buyers, and sellers:

1.Obviously the age of the instrument. I will give Vintage Elkhart horns a higher value than Eastlake, or other factory locals. (Where is the serial number located).

2.Cosmetic condition. Although this may make no difference in how the instrument plays, it does indicate how the instrument has been cared for over the years.
2a - Are there dents and if so where are the dents located, how many dents are there?
2b - Is it lacquered and if so how intact is the lacquer?
2c - leadpipe, is it straight? is the receiver worn?

3. Valve action.
3a - are the valves smooth, even, and matched?
3b - do the strings all match, are they all the same material and age? Same with the bump stops.
3c - is there valve compression and how much?
3d - do the valves make noise?
3e - are the valves properly aligned?

4. How does the instrument play
4a - how do the notes speak in each range? Are there some notes that are squirely?
4b - do the tones match between registers?
4c - how do the notes match when played on the F horn and when played on the Bb horn.
4d - Tone quality overall

All the questions are taken into account and then compared to what prices I see the horns selling for on eBay, Horn sites, and local advertisements.


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