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Alexander horn

Alexander horn    23:48 on Tuesday, November 05, 2013          

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Posted by AliceM

I have an opportunity to buy what appears to be an Alexander horn from the 60s. It has a cut bell, is unlacquered, is a Geyer-wrap, has all mechanical rotors, and stands in Bb.

I realize not having a serial number is normal for a horn from the 60s, but I also can't find a model number, nor is the Alexander name on the bell or anywhere else that I can see.

This horn has been in a house, unused, for many years. Originally it was bought in Switzerland, I believe. I've played it several times and the Bb side is a dream. The F side plays a bit sharp for me from middle C to G just above middle C, but I can compensate.

Could this be a copy? Are there unmarked Alexanders?

Any thoughts on this horn?

Thank you,


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