Non-horn player has a Q

Non-horn player has a Q

Non-horn player has a Q    16:50 on Monday, December 30, 2013          

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Posted by jhayat

Hi all. I do not play the horn, but have a Q I was hoping someone would be kind enough to answer.

I am a composer, who like most others, has to rely primarily on samples to compose and make a living. It's unfortunate, but that's the way of the world. I have a sample library which has a solo horn patch, a 2FH patch, and 6FH patch. I am noticing something strange in the solo patch (one horn player, obviously). There is a quiver of sorts in almost all of the notes. It's to varying degrees, but definitely noticeable.

Here is a short, 2.4 MB file illustrating what I am talking about.

Is this type of quiver normal? This is from one of the biggest sample library devs around recorded in a major studio - and although I have no idea who the musicians were, I have to assume they hired accomplished players, as opposed to, say, a HS student.

Any thoughts will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Re: Non-horn player has a Q    21:59 on Thursday, July 31, 2014          

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Posted by JOhnlovemusic

This type of quiver is NOT normal.
This sounds like someone who doesn't play regularly. The embouchure is not toned, the air is used inefficiently. Not a good quality sound at all.
This is a poor, poor sampling.

Re: Non-horn player has a Q    05:05 on Saturday, August 02, 2014          

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Posted by hamono_m

It is absolutely normal.


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