looking for a new horn.(Alexander200.103)

looking for a new horn.(Alexander200.103)    23:18 on Tuesday, August 5, 2014          

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Posted by Charlott-H

I am looking a new horn.
I tried Alexander 200 and 103. I know 103 are popular model but I think it's sound are too bright to me. anyone can give me some opinion about 200 and 103. thanks a lot.
if you could, you also can give me about Holton 178 and hans hoyer 7801.


Re: looking for a new horn.(Alexander200.103)    10:43 on Saturday, September 13, 2014          

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Posted by phred

A student of mine has an H179 and I have an early H181. I think the H179 is the same as the 178 but in NiSi. I think the 179 is really nice. More resistance than the Paxman I mostly play, and just a touch more open than the early H181. the H179 has a big tone and pretty punchy. My old 181 has a few strange notes, C#3, C4, and D5. The 179 does not seem to suffer that. Played an old 103 that a friend has, liked it but the sound didn't fit with the group I was playing with, which has 2 schmids, an old Hoyer, and Paxman. It stuck out compared with those.

Re: looking for a new horn.(Alexander200.103)    07:32 on Sunday, September 14, 2014          

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Posted by stephenlines

Hello Phred,

I read your comments with interest as you surely seem to know what you're talking about regarding my favourite instrument (I refer, of course, to the French horn). What's your opinion of the latest Paxman range?...of all the instruments I've played (Alexander, Hoyer, Old etc) I find Paxmans have the sound I'm looking for (which I describe as British/East Coast American - slightly darker than the rather brasher/brighter sound produced by the German/West Coast American players/instruments).

Incidentally, have you had a look at any of my compositions/arrangements on 8-notes...? you may find them interesting and fun for your group to play. Also, if you're willing to, please give me some feedback via email: sslines@btinternet.com - I'd be interested to see if there's anything you and your group would particularly like to see more of...and also hear your views about the playability of what I've produced so far.

If you can find the time I'd be pleased to hear from you.

Kind regards,

Stephen Lines

Re: looking for a new horn.(Alexander200.103)    16:28 on Monday, September 15, 2014          

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Posted by phred

I've not had the opportunity to try the latest Paxman horns, no one really has the available out hear in my neck of the woods, and the one local triple (a guy a few towns over) was purchased at one of the IHS meetings years back. The new compensating triple does look intriguing. I too like the smoother "East Coast" sound, but I think of either Boston or Chicago. I love the sound of Schmidts and would love to own one someday. I think if I were to replace the 25YA I'd go with one taper size smaller, either the Large or European. I heard a 25YE that was just the cat's meow. The A takes a ton of air and super precise embouchure. Maybe even an 83YE. I've not seen your arrangements, when I've got a little more time I'll have to look at them.

Re: looking for a new horn.(Alexander200.103)    12:04 on Thursday, January 29, 2015          

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Posted by Krzysz

Alex 103s can sound very bright, though at mf can produce a lovely sound with liquid slurs. A 200 was being played right next to me yesterday evening; still a trifle hard and penetrating in ff, but probably a bit more rounded than the 103. The same guy used to play a Holton and I've always felt that these horns are excellent value for money - a wider, rounder sound, but not overly so.

I've played Paxmans for years and love them. The sound is a good compromise - rounded without being woofy and ill-focused. The medium bore versions make a sound that carries more than the large bore, though the metal makes a difference too.

In all such generalisations, remember that the player has a much bigger influence on the sound than any other factor. It's just that certain horns will enable the player to achieve what (s)he wants more easily.


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