Moving Up From Intermediate Horn

Moving Up From Intermediate Horn    13:12 on Sunday, January 25, 2015          

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Posted by harkmays

My son is a junior in high school & has been playing a Conn 6D for the past couple of years. We are looking for a used horn so he can pass the 6D down to his younger sister. He is Principal Horn in our local youth orchestra. He is hoping to get some scholarship assistance although he will not be majoring in music. His horn teacher is recommending a Yamaha 567 or 667 because he says their manufacturing tends to be pretty consistent. Any other recommendations that would be a step up from the 6D & priced under $3000?

Re: Moving Up From Intermediate Horn    13:57 on Monday, January 26, 2015          

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Posted by Fredrick

Do you have a good idea where he wants to go to school at? I would look at the professional players in that area to see what they play on. Send an email to the music department to ask what they like. If it's a really selective music program, they will want you to have the same/similar horn as the rest of the section for a uniform sound.

I personally switched from a Conn 6D to a Conn 8D my senior year of high school. The larger throat means more air and a bigger sound like what you hear in a lot of Hollywood films. Quite a few people around my hometown play on them, as well as Richard King of the Cleveland Orchestra, next door to the college I attended.


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