How old is my Conn 28D?

How old is my Conn 28D?    17:24 on Sunday, February 22, 2015          

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Posted by englishhorn

Hi everyone,

I just bought what was advertised as a '1955 Conn 28D from that fantastic Elkhart era'. However, having done a bit of research online, I'm really confused about how old it is!

Here are the details:

Serial number: 521654 (on the lever bracket under the second lever, no spaces and no letter before, just 28D). This indicates 1955.

On the bell:

This indicates that it's later, from the factory in Texas.

Thumb lever: String. No sign of having been converted from a mechanical lever. Again, points to it coming from Abilene.

So, it could be a 1955 with a replacement bell. Or a later instrument, although the serial number and format follow the criteria for Elkhart.

It is in very good condition, whatever age.. But I want it to be what I paid for! I know I can have the rotors measured to see if they are tapered or not, but is there another way of knowing?

I'd appreciate any help!



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