Houser San Francisco 0-2 to solve metal allergy

Houser San Francisco 0-2 to solve metal allergy    17:18 on Monday, March 9, 2015          

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Posted by phred

Howdy all! After playing on this MP for awhile I do really enjoy it. Tingling has stopped, but my two favorite mouthpieces ever were a Giardinelli C15 and G17. C15 is roughly same depth (slightly shallower), but more funnel shaped (and smaller bore obviously) and the G17 is deeper, but narrower and has a very small bore. Both just sit notes easier. So, I tried my custom houser stainless rim, a mid-60's chamber copy, on the C15, the G17 is a single piece, and love love love the response, but again, after a mere 5 minutes my mouth was tingling, and tasting like iron and copper mixed together. The Houser never did this. So, the stainless certainly prevents my metal allergy while playing it, but the SS rim alone on a silver plated cup doesn't prevent anything. So, my question is this: Are there any makers out there making a C15 or G17 copy? So many of these makers just use there own designations, and I wish we'd have some sort of comparison chart put out by these folks to the standard which was Giardinelli. I know that may sound like a lot to ask... Maybe my biggest complaint is that music here in California is so dead in the schools, that music stores are mostly non-existent and trying to find multiple good makers represented at one location is impossible. There's my rant.


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