Apartment practicing?

Apartment practicing?    20:47 on Thursday, January 14, 2016          

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Posted by kitsuneh19

I'm a college student living in a small downstairs apartment and looking for tips on how to avoid disturbing my neighbors when I practice. I've looked into various methods of soundproofing a room (temporary methods, as I obviously can't do any heavy-duty construction in my apartment) but haven't found anything cost-effective.

I already try to practice at reasonable hours and as much as possible when I know my neighbors are in class or at work, but I have my own classes to attend during the day so it just isn't possible most of the time. My university does have practice rooms we can use but (assuming I can even get my name on the sign-up sheet for one of the rooms) because of the distance I live from campus I can't use them every day, so I'm left trying to come up with ways to muffle the sound. I do own a silent mute which I use daily - it works brilliantly except that it's almost impossible to tune the horn with it in and it drives me crazy.

Does anyone have any suggestions at all? I'm at my wits end trying to come up with a solution. I've even considered buying several heavy moving blankets and propping them up on sticks to make a tent to practice in. (That's how desperate I am!) I've heard a lot of people say that most neighbors won't really mind hearing the music but trust me, my neighbors can definitely hear me practice and given that most of them are also students at the university, they won't thank me for disturbing the peace and quiet while they try to study.

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Posted by BigNorsk

Well, the practice mutes are really about the best solution but as you note, it sounds different.

The one that tries to deal with that and does a pretty fair job is the Yamaha Silent Brass, it combines a practice mute with electronics and when you stick the buds in your ears it's designed so that what you hear sounds a lot like your normal playing. At the same time it does cut way down on the outside sound.

Many really like it, like most things not everyone does. Cost is higher, a bit under $200. If you ask around, could be someone has one you could try a bit before buying. There was an older model and I have no personal experience but people do like the newer one better, something to be aware of if you buy on ebay or even old stock at a store.

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Posted by slabash

try playing in unused area of university... gym locker rooms, fire escape halls, utility room etc,

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Posted by phred

I got one of the old model Silent Brass systems. It is very good, and with the ear buds, sound is really nearly identical. My issue is that the feel is different, and has caused my (large throat) Paxman 25A to notch more like a medium, and then when I play open, it doesn't feel the same. My only complaint. A really cool feature, the controller that came with mine allows for another mute to plug in and blend, so you can practice duets.

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Posted by horn8287

In all honesty, the upstairs neighbors probably won't care as much as you're assuming. Depending on your building, they might not even be able to hear you unless you're blowing Mahler. Go up and ask them if there are better times for you to play than others, and try out practicing in different rooms to see where you're the least disturbing to them, if at all. Let them know you are trying to be a good neighbor while being a productive music student, and express your appreciation for their cooperation. IMHO, practicing with a mute in all the time is terrible for your chops.


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