Maintaining strength whilst unable to practise

Maintaining strength whilst unable to practise    16:17 on Wednesday, March 2, 2016          

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Posted by Bugsyhorn

Hey everyone. I am currently in good shape in terms of horn playing, and practise daily as far as possible. However, later this year I will be away from home for almost a month, and unable to bring my horn with me. How can I keep up my lip strength whilst unable to practise? If you have any lip exercises or other advice I would be happy to hear it. (I can probably bring my mouthpiece, though it would be good to know any methods that don't use one). Thanks in advance!

Re: Maintaining strength whilst unable to practise    14:10 on Monday, June 27, 2016          

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Posted by EthanOfCarrs

Simply buzzing along to tunes/rhythms on your mouthpiece can help build up and maintain the strength you desire. Playing both highs and lows and different volumes will mimic practicing actual music and will strengthen your embouchure. (Also doubles as a great warm-up!)

Re: Maintaining strength whilst unable to practise    17:02 on Tuesday, August 30, 2016          

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Posted by Fredrick

Buzzing, definitely.

Also, for a quiet static exercise, my band director in high school recommended holding a penny between your lips. It forces you to concentrate on holding your lips together--almost like you would in a proper embouchure. I used to do it on the way to and from classes in college, where it wasn't quite appropriate to be making buzzing noises at all the passersby.


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