Which Holton Model?

Which Holton Model?    16:23 on Monday, June 6, 2016          

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Posted by ParkHillCello

We recently purchased my son a new (old) Horn. Based on the serial number, we know it's a 1973. It's a Holton Double. How do you determine the model?
Thanks in advance!

Re: Which Holton Model?    12:03 on Friday, June 24, 2016          

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Posted by phred

Usually on the mouthpiece receiver there is a number stamped right below the ferrule. I had a Holton as my student horn forever until a teacher (who will remain nameless) said that no matter what, I must play a Conn 8D. That thing haunted me. Finally sold it, still have the Holton, but the valve job would be a little bit to repair it, especially since I've got two pro horns now. Hope he enjoys it


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