Looking for help identifying horn

Looking for help identifying horn    19:27 on Tuesday, July 12, 2016          

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Posted by gafarm

Recently bought a horn on ebay that I can't identify. It has a brasswind mark on the bell, is a yellow brass Holton 178 lookalike. Does anyone recognize the brand mark on this? First thought it might be a WWBW horn but they were no help in confirming or denying that. Pictures are here: http://t1.jmp.sh/f/a/nAMK_KfsCRhrmU8J9Da2Jw~~/AABzJwA~/RgRZaA-kP0EIAKvCq6kI_Z1XA3NwY1gEAAAAAFkIaXBfcG9vbDFgDTUyLjI3LjE4MC4xMTBCCgACpIqFV5s2velSEnN0ZXZlQGtvcnpla3dhLm5ldAlRBAAAAABERGh0dHA6Ly9qbXAuc2gvZS82ajh4ZzQwSHdGc2JoOXdxQTdkcz91cmk9Yi9hcXl0TG10WHJqMDFpV0FsRkVvUDlTd21ERwJ7fQ~~

Thanks for any help.


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