C.G. Conn Double French Horn help

C.G. Conn Double French Horn help    10:49 on Monday, November 5, 2018          

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Posted by Jasonmhockshop

I am trying to identify the model of my Conn Double French Horn to better aid in selling it/placing value. I found the serial number GI840120. If I have read the various forums right it is a Kruspe style double made in September 1978, 4 (french horn) 0120 - 120th horn made in September. I have tested various slides and caps in a metal analyzer and the are all high copper with zinc then lower counts of tin. But how do I tell the model? I suspect 8D but it appears they are all nickle/silver so that doesn't seem right. Any help towards model/value would be amazing. Thank you in advance for your help!


Re: C.G. Conn Double French Horn help    00:58 on Saturday, November 10, 2018          

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Posted by phred

usually the model is on the lead-pipe. Give that a try.


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