Conn CG French Horn, What model do i have :) ?

Conn CG French Horn, What model do i have :) ?    10:56 on Friday, June 14, 2019          

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Posted by Alden-CG

Just got me a French Horn, on the bell it says: C.G. Conn LTD USA.
Im wondering what model could it be. how do i define wether it`s a 6d, 8d, or anything else?
It is a single horn with 3 rotary valves. Only silver parts are the rotary valve caps. The bell is not detatchable.
The Serial number is L00772.
AS much as i googled myself, "L" in the serial number stands for 1968. So it is made in the Elkhart factory?

As i`m really new to the whole brass world, perhaps you people can help me out.
It makes decent sound. but i`d really like to know which model is it .

Im really thankful for all the information!

Thanks everybody!


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