Just starting horn again.

Just starting horn again.    15:50 on Friday, July 5, 2019          

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Posted by karlbonner82

I just started French horn - a cheap Yamaha single F - again after several years of rest. I've been practicing the Philip Farkas exercises, plus a few easy jazz standards I'm trying to learn.

A few questions:

1. Do you know any other exercises to improve accuracy and endurance? Currently I practice 45 minutes a day, but gradually increasing. I also could use a good book of intermediate level etudes...suggestions?

2. What are some good mouthpiece/pencil exercises for days when I can't play?

3. Are there any exercises or etudes geared towards jazz hornists in particular? (Besides pentatonic and blues scale studies.)

4. What are the best "affordable" used double horns to keep an eye out for?

Thanks a bunch!

Re: Just starting horn again.    20:36 on Thursday, August 8, 2019          

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Posted by phred

As far as books, I like Shoemaker's legato etudes, Sansone book 2, Kling is fun too. When I just have a mouthpiece around I practice attacks. Sounds weird, just getting it to activate perfectly. Finally, good used horn... Reynolds Pottag, King Fideleo and Eroica were designed by McCracken. They are underrated horns. I really like the German compensators, and you can get them pretty affordably compared to build quality. Knopf, Kruspe, both great compensators... if you have the opportunity to play them, do. Have fun

Re: Just starting horn again.    21:00 on Thursday, October 17, 2019          

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Posted by phred

Also, even though I've been playing for years, I've never had great endurance. I switched to Maelstrom mouthpieces last year. I still need the Delrin rim because I have horrid metal allergies, but the cup and shank can be stainless. Man, I use the MS cup with the smallest bore standard, and the S cup with the smallest vortex shank. The amount of time I can play is much increased. And surprisingly, the low note response is barely effected by these tiny mouthpieces. In fact, I'd say the S cup configuration I have is one of the best centering low note mouthpieces I've played.


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