HELP! Clean my Sousaphone

HELP! Clean my Sousaphone    12:00 on Sunday, December 2, 2007          

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Posted by twoba

I play Tuba in my schools marching band, and I have it at my house to clean it. I put all the slides and valves in the sink with plain water over night. They were still kinda dirty so the next night I put them in water with dish soap and scrubbed on them. After they dried, they're all sticky. How can I get the sticky stuff off? Is it since the soap broke down the oil or did it just leave a sticky film? Also, I need to clean the actual big part of the sousaphone too. Should I just put that in the bathtub? I cant do a chem clean since I dont have $100. What should I use to clean the sousaphone? I heard ivory soap works good, but is it? I am not going to do something stupid like use soft scrub. Thanks.

Re: HELP! Clean my Sousaphone    08:13 on Saturday, December 29, 2007          

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Posted by ekdavies

You need to be careful when cleaning laquered instruments not to use water that is too hot. I've found that soaking instruments can result in a scaly deposit being left and I'm convinced that in my case it was a layer of lacquer applied by an amateur that was mainly to blame.

The recommended approach is a monthly bath in luke warm water and a quick wipe down after every use. Avoid using brushes or anything that is likely to scratch the instrument. Leave any serious cleaning to an experienced technician - then (s)he is responsible for any damage!

Re: HELP! Clean my Sousaphone    13:36 on Monday, December 31, 2007          

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Posted by drumlineisrad

baking soda works best! our tuba section has a cleaning party and its so much fun. just mix the baking soda in w/ the water and use a tooth brush on the valves and slides to really scrub. it's very meticulous work but is worth it in the long run =D


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