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Posted by hipkik

This is my first post. starting my second year in high school, a dedicated marching band member although small (3a-75members including color guard)and my freshman year i started off playing flute (played in 6th 7th and part of 8th [played sax the other half] 1st chair =) and our show was sheherazade, it was very lame imo, but our band director needed low brass so i switched to baritone and this year we lost our tuba player (senior) and Im now playing sousa for a pirates show. Well we picked up another sousa who we deemed as "unfit" for marching but miraculously hes marching with us and has the better of the 5 sousas, we have 4 brass and 1 commode'o'phone =( I have the heaviest one and have rigged the bits to work. but anyway kinda a pointless post just letting anyone know of my situation for any problems i might have.....


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