V. Barcone anyone?

V. Barcone anyone?

V. Barcone anyone?    14:14 on Tuesday, October 13, 2009          

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Posted by junebug

I recently acquired a V. Barcone and Sons mini Sousaphone. It is delightful and I am enjoying it, but I cannot find out any information whatsoever on the company that made it. There are two extensively cross-referenced Sousas online for sale, but I can find out nothing about the company. Anyone?

Re: V. Barcone anyone?    12:05 on Wednesday, January 20, 2010          

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Posted by brasshospital

i had one in Eb and i also had a hard time finding out info on it. here is what i found out. they were made in italy for a store by the name of barcone in the 50s. the idea was so little kids could start playing tuba with out having to deal with big horns. from what i understand bach had actually made a mouthpiece specific for it. since it is in single Eb or Bb i was told it could take a baritone horn mouthpiece (probably large shank). but i found that the tuba bits that came with mine were that TUBA bits. there is a guy that will make a bit for it to take a baritone horn mouthpiece. well that is all i have off the top of my head. i will try to find the info i had written down and let you know if i find anything else.


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