Oswal euphonium?

Oswal euphonium?    11:15 on Tuesday, April 5, 2016          

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Posted by Justfrfun

I realize that this forum looks pretty dead but I'm hoping that maybe some old timers may check posts once in a while. I'm in no hurry to buy as I am teaching myself flute presently but I played a bit of tuba in high school and would like to eventually get a euphonium Ihave seen reviews on some of the changing name musical instruments from China and would not consider them but I have run across these Oswal horns from India on Ebay and Amazon. Was wondering if anyone has tried one. I know The Indians are known to produce good metal crafts but I would like to find more info on how they stack up against some well known brands.

Hoping that someone sees this.

Re: Oswal euphonium?    12:02 on Tuesday, April 5, 2016          

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Posted by contra448

I don't know much about brass instruments. However I have heard numerous comments on the quality of some Indian made woodwinds - none of it complimentary. Some of them are even, allegedly, made at the old high pitch (A = 452) which was abandoned pre WW2!!

Re: Oswal euphonium?    07:59 on Thursday, April 7, 2016          

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Posted by Justfrfun

Thanks for that! Not sure if it's completely relevant to the Oswal brand but I don't think I'd be the first to try an Indian instrument if it's even rumored to be that bad.


Re: Oswal euphonium?    05:09 on Tuesday, July 19, 2016          

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Posted by cynthiamyra

You can contact with music tutor.


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