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Posted by chilling

I went to walmart [url=]true blood on dvd[/url]nights ago and had a very fun experience. I was going there for a chocolate cake. Cash in hand and ready to rock. That is it. Chocolate cake. wife calls me and asks me to check her friend's bridal registry and get a bed set for her that is [url=]Criminal Minds Season 6 DVD Boxset[/url] her list. So, I automatically start drooling and doing the duuuuuuhhh thing.Since it is midnight, I ask a cashier where the registry "machine" thing is. She tells me go to the customer service desk and ask. Well, I go over there and stand for 10 minutes and assume it is closed. So [url=]cheap Dexter DVD[/url] feeling like a total nutcase for 10 minutes, a cleaning guy comes by and says, "they are closed". So obviously smoke starts to come out of my ears. I go to another cashier and ask again [url=]Weeds DVD boxset[/url] she tells me it is by the jewelry counter!


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