My name is Michelle........

My name is Michelle........

My name is Michelle........    15:36 on Monday, August 27, 2007          

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Posted by mganno_ky

hey everyone! my name is Michelle Ganno! I LOVE to sing! I have been trying to "make it" for along time, but when you have kids, it is really hard to do.
I sing almost any genre and will try anything once. My favorite to sing is either country or blues.
I have been singing since I was about 2 with my dad. I was brought up on bluegrass music so I know alot about it and its history.
I am currently working on trying to start or find a band.

Starting Sept 21, 2007, I will be in a show called Goldies Survivor 5 in Owensboro, KY. It is a mix of American Ido and Survivor. We have to outsing, outperform and outlast.. it's great.

Find out more about me at:


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