Logan New Single

Logan New Single

Logan New Single    17:59 on Sunday, February 10, 2008          


Logan are definately on the way up. I saw them play King Tut's in Glasgow,and they rocked the roof off!
Logan play powerful, melodic rock. Huge soaring choruses and big heavy chords, with nice clean guitar lines that complement the melody. Logan have a American quality to their music but still retain their Scottish roots!

On 25th February Logan release "Somewhere (acoustic)" as a download only single!! Help them break into the charts by purchasing this single NOW!! All you need to do is text "LOGAN" to 82822. This text will cost you 1.50 and in return you will get a link and a PIN code that allows you to download the single and the b-side when they are released.

More importantly, every text that comes in between now and then counts as a chart sale!!! So tell everyone you know!! Please only text once per phone though as multiple texts from the same number only count as one sale!

If they break into the top 40 they'll be only the second unsigned band to ever do this!
To hear the single "Somewhere" go to http://www.myspace.com/loganmusic


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