"GAME SHOW TEETH". Mitch Friedman Teams With XTC

"GAME SHOW TEETH". Mitch Friedman Teams With XTC

"GAME SHOW TEETH". Mitch Friedman Teams With XTC    15:35 on Thursday, March 05, 2009          

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Brooklyn’s Mitch Friedman has just released his fourth album of idiosyncratic, funny, original quirky pop – GAME SHOW TEETH.

Featuring Andy Partridge and Dave Gregory of the legendary British new wave pop band XTC, Friedman has created a playful, mature and varied album of 13 eccentrically catchy songs, full of wit and impressive wordplay. GAME SHOW TEETH is his most commercial and accessible effort to date, and shows an artist who has come to fully master his trade. Produced, performed and engineered almost entirely by Friedman, it is as accomplished and technically adept as it is musically vibrant.

Even Ray Davies, song-writing legend and lead singer of The Kinks, has become a fan of Friedman’s unique skills as a wordsmith. Having attended a Davies song-writing course in England, Friedman took the advice of the sixties legend that every song must have a clear structure and composed “This Is a Song” – an amusing tribute to the simple formula that can be found in so many beautiful pieces of pop.

He sent the song to Davies - who describes Friedman as a "funny and interesting little man" – and the Londoner then played it for his students as part of his lesson on song structure. You can't get much higher praise than that! Be on the lookout for the surprising and innovative music video for "This Is a Song," which Andy Partridge praised as “a piece of minimalist perfection, and perhaps the invention of a new genre – Obviousism.”

The variety on the record comes from the wide range of influences that have all had an impact on Friedman’s sound. "I Have Never Lied" tips its surreal hat to fellow Brooklyn quirk-rockers They Might Be Giants (with whom Friedman also shares the acclaim of being the creator of an award winning children’s record – 2005’s concept album for kids, PURPLE BURT.)

It is a testament to his abilities that some of his musical heroes have become repeat collaborators. The aforementioned Andy Partridge and Dave Gregory of XTC have added their expertise for the third time to a Friedman record – with Partridge providing his jaggedly jazzy guitar licks to “Little Masterpiece,” and Gregory contributing several guitars and bass to the hyperactively folky "The Man That Talked Too Much."

Other special guest stars include the ‘godfather of DIY/home recording’ R. Stevie Moore, Joe McGinty (former keyboardist for The Psychedelic Furs, Amy Rigby, Martha Wainwright, and now musical director of New York City’s Loser’s Lounge tribute series,) and indie-pop songstress extraordinaire Andrea Perry.

Add in to the mix, the hilariously irreverent artwork and photography and you have an album that should amuse, entertain and thoroughly enhance any discerning pop aficionado’s life.

For more information, please visit www.gameshowteeth.com


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