Attention Freelance Decision

Attention Freelance Decision

Attention Freelance Decision    02:49 on Wednesday, August 05, 2009          

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Posted by haveyaheard

"Get your music onto up to 300 online music distributors including iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon, Sprint, Verizon, eMusic, and more, simply, quickly, and very cost effectively.

Haveyaheard will partner with you to get your music in more stores than you thought possible, opening the doors for more potential fans to find your music!

How does it work? Very simply! We just need 2 copies of your audio CD, $15 per album set up fee, your UPC code, and an agreement signed between us and we'll be ready to distribute for you.

Don't have a UPC code? No problem, we can purchase one for you for $20.

You keep the rights to your music - you did make it!

We'll record your music sales and report to you quarterly. Our commission is just 10% of the royalties that we receive and you are credited with the rest. All you need to do is keep writing and playing your music, and telling your fans that your tunes can be downloaded from all of the major online music sites.

For more information and to sign up simply contact"


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