The Incest

The Incest

The Incest    10:46 on Monday, December 12, 2011          

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Posted by treyl

Yeah i am in a band called The Incest. The name actually has a good reason for it. Incest is something that should not be done right? Well We play music that is usually frowned on. We just play what ever is fun and don't really play what other bands play or what every fan wants us to play. If you like our music then you like us for us and not liking us because we play the same thing that every other band plays. Like Asking Alexandria for example, there are so many bands that sound just like them, and most bands now and days want to sound like that. they may not admit it, but when you listen to there stuff they sound just like them. We don't want to sound like them or any other band. We have a different sound, we may play some metal, then randomly play some psychedelic hendrix stuff, then play some J-rock style of the pillows. lol we just love to jam to what ever is fun. Check us out, our recent album is on itunes.


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