Eternal Essence & Hope Kills Fear

Eternal Essence & Hope Kills Fear

Eternal Essence & Hope Kills Fear    13:18 on Sunday, July 29, 2012          

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About Eternal Essence

Hometown: Atlantic City, NJ
Genres: Rock / Progressive / Metal
Label: MondoTunes/Universal Group Distribution
Members: Greg Rosenblit, Gary Hoffman, Maria Vastano, Matthew Rib, EJ Luna
Eternal Essence was formed in the spring of 2004 as an instrumental band. Based out of Southern New Jersey, USA, Eternal Essence broke out on the scene as the first Progressive Rock band in the area. Through the years of 2005 to 2010 Eternal Essence wrote and recorded four albums. In 2008 Eternal Essence released their acclaimed and last instrumental album “The Infinite Procession”. During the years Eternal Essence has performed in over 200+ shows and featured numerous times in the local newspapers and radio.

In late 2010 Eternal Essence signed with MondoTunes Distribution (affiliated with Universal Music Group), which currently has the largest digital distribution in the world. With the help and leadership, MondoTunes has now helped Eternal Essence reach the entire world with their music, being available in almost every country. During the years of 2011 and 2012, Eternal Essence wrote and recorded their most diverse album yet, “A Light in The Distance”. This will be the Eternal Essence’s first album with a vocalist and they hope to break out onto the Progressive Rock scene and making a lasting impression on the world. “A Light in The Distance” was released on July 4, 2012 and is available for purchase worldwide.

Band Members:
Maria Vastano – Lead Vocals and Backing Vocals
Greg Rosenblit – Piano and Synths
Gary Hoffman – Guitars and Flute
EJ Luna – Drums and Percussion
Matthew Rib - Bass

The band would like to thank all their fans, friends, and family for all the support and love over the years. We hope to keep putting our great music for years to come, thank you all!
-EE Family

About Hope Kills Fear

Genre Christian Hard Rock
Members Carley Coma - vocals
Joe Fazio - bass
Julio Arias - guitars/vocals
Steve Richards - guitars/vocals
EJ Luna - drums

For more info and to join our Mailing List email us @
Hometown New York, NY
Record Label Coming Soon!!!!!!!!!
General Manager Jeff Risden
Influences Jesus
Current Location New York, NY

Contact Info

Hope Kills Fear has joined together with the singular goal in mind of crafting emotional ,thought provoking songs to spread a message of hope, faith, strength and perseverance. The band was founded by vocalist Carley Coma, former lead vocalist of the critically acclaimed metal/rock/fusion band Candiria, voted one of Rolling Stone magazines best metal bands. Carley has put in the roadwork by sharing the stage with acts like Kill Switch Engage, Clutch, Pantera and Motorhead to name a few. Carley is joined by; Julio Arias (guitars, vocals), Faz (bass) and Steve Richards (guitars, vocals).

The band was formed in New York City, in September 2007. The members strongly identify themselves as Christians and feel strongly about pursuing and promoting the band's career in a manner that is consistent with their beliefs. They are known for their energetic live performances and are currently focusing on playing venues all across the U.S

The bands name originated from a fan of Carley's who was battling Cancer. The fan exressed to him how Carley's lyrics gave him the strength to go on and to never give up hope. Carley read the quote on the young man's myspace page and saw the words "Hope Kills Fear".

Hope Kills Fear has been known for spending long hours in the recording studio going over every aspect of a song until the message and the music are one in the same. "We're focusing on writing songs that deliver a strong and powerful message, songs that inspire and resonate with the listener" Carley Coma, Metal Edge Magazine.

The band's song "Save Me" is currently being played on Sirius satellite radio and has received significant praise from the press. "Save Me" continues to be added to the playlists of online radio stations across the U.S. Fans and radio Program Directors alike share the same enthusiasm for "Save me,” stating how excited they are about the music and how that particular song speaks to them personally. had this to say about Hope Kills Fear, "Big wall of sound guitars and undeniable hooks mixed well with swirling atmospheric guitars and dense vocal layering. Definitely one to watch out for!"

Hope Kills Fear has arrived and is ready to be heard by those will listen. What Hope Kills Fear is doing represents what could possibly be the next evolution in rock music!
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