My Annie Alternate Ending

My Annie Alternate Ending

My Annie Alternate Ending    07:17 on Saturday, July 28, 2007          

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Posted by Triforce

Annie - Alternet Ending Its a little long, but well worth the

And so, Annie lived three happy days in Warbucks Mansion. On the third day she was crushed by a falling chandelier, along with the other orphans, Duffy, Kate, Pepper, July, Molly and Tessie, who were on top of it when it fell. They say the last words that Annie sang were come what may…
Grace and Warbucks went on a very expensive honey moon and when they got back had a baby of their own. In honour and memory of Annie, they named it Grace Jr.
Grace left with Grace jr. after she found out that Warbucks was having an affair with Mrs. Hannigan. Hannigan and Warbucks had the bright idea of turning the place into an orphanage of their own, but were declared bankrupt thirty-two minutes after the company opened. Warbucks kicked Hannigan out and moved away to a little farm in Misquote Bite.
The tragic break up of the Boylin Sisters on the OXYDENT Hour Of Smiles affected all of N.Y.C. The broke up their Sister ship when they found out they didn’t make the world record for being the only kids to be joined three ways at birth, one wasn’t even related to the others. That explains why only two looked alike and one looked Japanese. Wacky just went, well, wacky and ended up marrying Mrs. Hannigan in the nuthouse they were in.
Grace got tired of Grace jr. and sold her to the dogcatchers. They then pasted hair all over her and got credit for catching yet another dog.
The maids all lost their jobs when Warbucks went bankrupt, of course. One ended up as a game show host, the other a housemaid, and one even became the manager of a dog food manufacturer and ended up with a dog that cried a lot. The rest either ended up on the streets or in a nut house.
Sandy became Lassie, Yeller, Sounder, Gnasher and the Tramp in future movies. Nothin’ big though.
Bert Hedley became the mascot for Dent-o-Paste and married the not so Boylin sister. He soon left her because every one else on this thing left their supposed husband or wife. He then got promoted from running around N.Y.C. dressed like a giant bottle of Dent-o-Paste to putting the toothpaste in the bottle. So that’s who does it.
What about the not-so-important-orphans? Well, they had a chandelier problem of their own, and now Warbucks Chandeliers are outta business because they were sued by the orphan’s parents. The orphans were not missed because no one loves them. They were never adopted and never had parents! What were you thinking?
Lily and Rooster bought the manor and made it into a theatre. The manor ain’t on Fifth Avenue no more, it’s on Easy Street! How did them two gangsters get all that cash?
By stackin’ the aces and loadin’ da dice. Kids, listen to your satin mothers crooning! The theatres first performance was a musical made by yours truly St. Regis, called Annie, but it never really caught on…
So, just one more hopefully humorous alternate ending…
Hope it was well enjoyed!

what do you think? sucks? rocks? somewhere in the middle?

Re: My Annie Alternate Ending    10:28 on Sunday, September 30, 2007          

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Posted by Mozarteress

Terrible Terrible Terrible!!!!!!!! It started out nice with Annie dying and ended cleverly with making the film called Annie. Apart from that yuk. You're totally mad!!!


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