Sally`s Song

Sally`s Song

Sally`s Song    13:59 on Saturday, August 01, 2009          

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Posted by Saoirse1992

Ok I'm not sure if I can ask for this, but before I ask I'll explain! Most Amy Lee fans know of Sally's Song and that she plays the harp. Me and my friend are going to be performing it in little over a month and want to add the harp!! Here is Amy Lee performing it

What I was hoping someone could do is perhaps score the harp part!! I can play the piano part but can't seem to come up with a good harp arrangement for it...what I can do in return is I have quite a library of sheet music and will be willing to send it in return for whoever is able to perhaps at least write a good harp arrangement. Just for where the harp comes in with the song.

Can anyone help me? Thanks for looking!!


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