Tips On Playing Harp

Tips On Playing Harp

Tips On Playing Harp    01:08 on Monday, November 21, 2011          

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Holding the harp - the harp with the floor, the player is sitting at the harp body allows it to rely on the right shoulder. In this position, the left side of harpist can reach even the bottom line, while the right-hand man is able to achieve the higher strings.

Playing the harp - the harp has a nylon or gut strings played with the first three fingers and thumb. The fingers are numbered from 1 to 4 with the thumb is number 1. The thumb is usually higher than the other fingers, which makes it easier to move. Your elbows should be slightly raised, so that your wrists straight. Make sure you're sitting in a chair that supports your back, to avoid possible damage. Harp plucked strings, usually with chords or arpeggios.

Caring for the harp - it's always a good idea to keep the harp in a safe place, not the back door or in your kitchen. Avoid places that are too wet or cold. If you do not use the harp, your shop, just in case. If the pedal harp, make sure the pedal is all flat before storing it. If you are transporting your harp, make sure you put it in your car with the top tray. You can wipe the harp, from time to time to dry and clean, soft cloth. If you notice any damage, go to the harp of technical experts.


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