difficulty of part for harp

difficulty of part for harp    15:25 on Wednesday, August 26, 2020          

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Posted by mike71

hello all, i'm currently writing a piece and I have a harp part that I just wanted to get an idea of what level difficulty it would be considered.
can't seem to post a pic, so i'll try to explain.

tempo is quarter note = 65

treble clef sixtuplets E-G-C#-D-B-A#
--E to D is UP then DOWN to B A#
bass clef eighth notes E-G-C#-D UP

time signature is 3/4
so the treble clef sextuplet figure would get played completely three times per measure and the bass clef eighth notes would be 1 & 2 & (let ring)

this measure would repeated as an accompaniment for probably about a minute and will modulate but the intervallic structure would be the same.

so hopefully you can enough of an idea to put a difficulty level to it.

It seems to me that Harpists would be called upon for this sort of thing all the time and most intermediate harpist would handle this easily. but I know very little about the Harp.



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