Soloing    17:18 on Sunday, April 29, 2007          

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Posted by RuRu125

I play the trombone in my highschool Jazz Band. Im First Chair/Lead player if you want to call it that. I need some help improvising. Well, i guess you cant help me but you can give me advice. Usually i dont solo because i think about it too much.

I know/play good licks but i sometimes think, "does it get too repetitive?"
Sometimes i wonder if the notes i played really fits into the song/chord changes.
I tend to play simple solos (kind of like miles davis in a way) because i think that if i play more notes faster, it gets unclear when i want a clear, seperated sound. Sometimes i play some licks i hear in recordings that i like so is that OK? (like JJ Johnson)

Im just looking for advice on how i can improve on these things.
I also have a random question....
Is it "cheating" if a guy gets high before his solo? Theres actually a Trumpet player that gets high before his solos in my band.

Re: Soloing    07:09 on Friday, May 11, 2007          

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Posted by Triforce

hey there,
well i dont play trombone but i think smears make it nice.
and getting high before a solo? well, i think i'd **** it up.
you could try that though lol


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