It tickles my soul

It tickles my soul

It tickles my soul    16:13 on Tuesday, October 16, 2007          

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Posted by ivasativa

Hello everyone,

I joined this forum because I have finally gathered the courage to admit to my self that my soul is crying for instrument play. I am have decided that I will start now , at 26, its not too late, to learn how to play an instrument. So I am in the process of realizing this call and of course I will see where it leads me.

My true passion lies with jazz music. I am not a lover of older jazz such as Billy Holiday, Ella and that company, But Miles Davis ,Coltrane and all this new jazz music really just tickles my soul in the right way. And when I feel the need to play, what I really want to play is jazz.

So I just want to ask your opinions,

How much time does it take to start playing jazz?
Can one start learning instrument play with jazz?
And if it is possible, then could/should I decide on an instrument based on its use in jazz music?

Anything else.....

Please, and thank you.

Re: It tickles my soul    21:23 on Monday, October 22, 2007          

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Posted by trumpet4life

i believe that you should follow your dreams and play jazz. and theese fourums could help you along the way.i have been playin jazz for 5 years and still am challenged beacause it is a canging art it keeps you working.i can help when you learn to play an instrument.

Re: It tickles my soul    06:17 on Tuesday, October 23, 2007          

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Posted by Mozarteress

I play the piano and Jazz sounds absuloutly totaly cool on it. Also it's the first instrument to learn to play because once you can play the piano and read the music all other instruments come easy enough. And most jazz music you buy will be in piano sheet music and if you know what it means you can transpose it onto any other instrument you can play. 26 is a good age to learn to play too because you're probably not bogged down with school or uni and can concentrate on your music. you'll also learn faster.

Re: It tickles my soul    05:39 on Thursday, October 25, 2007          

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Posted by Tomaso

Donīt hesitate, I started trumpet with my son 1 year ago (in age 39) and I feel it so fanny and pleasent I have never felt. It apon how many free time you have. Tomaso

Re: It tickles my soul    15:19 on Monday, February 04, 2008          

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Posted by funmusicguy310

yes, i also agree that you should. i believe if you feel strongly and passionate about doing something, like playing jazz music, then you should DEFINITELY do it! and no, its never too late to follow your dreams! just keep in mind that nothing is easy, you have to work hard at it.

Re: It tickles my soul    17:25 on Monday, February 04, 2008          

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Posted by DanTheMaster

You should start by learning the instrument first, then get into jazz. It takes a little while to learn the "rules" of jazz, such as shortening quarter notes, etc. It also takes time to know how it sounds and flows.

If you want to play jazz, you should probably start with the piano, as it is most likely the easiest to begin jazz on. The easiest way to learn how jazz works is to listen to a lot of it... hope this helps


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