Brilliant new Pianist RON DAVIS!

Brilliant new Pianist RON DAVIS!

Brilliant new Pianist RON DAVIS!    09:56 on Wednesday, November 07, 2007          

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Posted by ggb216

For all Jazz lovers out there, here is a guy to pay attention too. His name is Ron Davis.
I just went to see his CD release a couple weeks ago live and it was phenomenal. I bought the CD at his concert and it was a great experience. He is a perfect blend of like Art Tatum meeting Oscar Peterson. I read up on him since, and this is his fourth CD and its called Subarashii Live. The show itself was phenomenal, Iím not personally a huge jazz fan, but I heard him play live on Jazz FM and saw some of his stuff on youtube, and I had to go. He truly played beautifully. It was fantastic, the diversity between all of his original songs was brilliant. I would love to hear him play again. His website is check it out! You can get his CD at

Re: Brilliant new Pianist RON DAVIS!    17:35 on Friday, February 22, 2008          

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Posted by countryfan

Really!? I love jazz. I'm even in a jazz band at my school


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