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We are proud to announce that BOOTH'S MUSIC is 175 years old!

This means that not only are we now the oldest retailer Bolton, but that we are also the oldest music shop in the world.

Booth's Music was established in 1832 by Mr George Booth, who is the great, great, great grandfarther of the present owners. Our premises are situated in the oldest part of the town. In fact, standing opposite us is the Man and Scythe public house, the most dated building in the area and the fourth oldest in the country, built in 1251 and is where the Earl of Derby spent his final minutes before his execution.

Our own premises are on the site of Richard Arkwright's (inventor of the water frame) barbers shop from 1760 - 1768.

It is our belief that we have existed for 175 years because of the friendliness we give and receive from our customers. Another reason for our success is our enthusiastic staff, who are musicians themselves who help and encourage both beginners and advanced players.

It may surprise you to know that:-

Frederic Chopin could have bought his manuscript from Booth's Music, we were open for business whilst the great musician was composing his most famous piano works. He gave his very prestigious first concert in Paris in February 1832, the only one in which he was the principal performer until 1841.

George Booth (the founder) may indeed have fought in the Battle of Waterloo, the famous battle occurring only 16 years before the store opened for business.

Communication would not have been a problem after 1832, because it was the year Morse Code was invented.

The first Parliament Factory Act became law in 1832.

Debussy, Elgar, Liszt, Mendelssohn, Schumann and Tchaikovsky are just some composers alive and writing within our trading years.

TO CELEBRATE OUR 175TH YEAR OF TRADING we have lots of exclusive special offers to unveil.

You can take advantage of our first offer throughout January as we are supplying ALL UK CUSTOMERS with UNLIMITED FREE SHIPPING, which means you can order as many books as you like without worrying about postage charges.

With over 1,000,000 copies stocked, we have more sheet music titles than ANY other online music retailer, and we also offer expert advice on all areas of sheet music and instruments that we have in stock.

Check us out now at - our enthusiastic and helpful staff are always on hand to ensure speedy delivery of your sheet music, instruments or accessories, and next day delivery to all UK customers is our No. 1 priority.


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