Chiki`s Future Vision Of Pop Culture - `EclectroSonic`

Chiki`s Future Vision Of Pop Culture - `EclectroSonic`

Chiki`s Future Vision Of Pop Culture - `EclectroSonic`    06:41 on Wednesday, February 04, 2009          

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Posted by sthprk

Having turned down more than one major label deal, Chiki continues to maintain an innovative, unmatched music style that truly demonstrates artistic inventiveness as established by Chiki and her entourage at RazzMastic Entertainment.

A reviewer from "Pulse" magazine, Christine Walsh, describes Chiki as a "performance artist extraordinaire." With her original invention of her two female androgynous "Eclectrobott" dancers, her show has been compared with the Rocky Horror picture show by the Somerville Journal, among others. Chiki is gearing up for international fame. Current trends prove that Chiki is a marketer/trend-setting artist. She is just what the pop industry needs-a new fresh face that sings about more than the faux life of a celebrity.

Singer/songwriter/outrageous fashions/eccentric stage personality, Chiki has been compared with pop icons such as Dale Bozio/Missing persons, Debbie Harry, coupled with the ambition of Madonna but the humbleness of Gwen Stefani. Influences in her artistic inner circle, includes multi-platinum credited co-writer and producer Marcus Rap (New Kids On the Block, Jonzun Crew/aka/Space Cowboy/Bernie Worrell) and producer/writer/former drummer for the Missing Persons Anthony J. Resta (Collective Soul/Duran Duran/Debbie Harry). Chiki and her eclectic (and infamous) team have invented their own unique genre - "EclectroSonic." Developed in 2006, "EclectroSonic" is a new genre fusing together space, urban, techno, rock, soul and pop. It has bloomed from a vision in 2006 to a reality in today�s pop scene!! "EclectroSonic" has successfully bridged Chiki�s independent "space" pop "eclectro" sound with the current mainstream pop world.

Chiki�s brand new single called '1ULuv� shows she is still committed to being fun, fearless and feel good. Her strong songwriting and performance talent proves she has the chops to make it in a business where style over substance is failing to keep audiences content. Razzmastic Entertainment has announced that she will have her first completed video in the Spring 2009. Judging by her songwriting and clothing choices, I hope the video will be just as fun and fabulous!

You can search on Youtube for some delightful little videos on Chiki. Type in 'Chiki Fashion'.

Kevyn Schwartz
Freelance Journalist

Re: Chiki`s Future Vision Of Pop Culture - `EclectroSonic`    11:20 on Thursday, April 02, 2009          

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Posted by Markie_G

I'll check it out thanks


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