Music Review Column

Music Review Column

Music Review Column    06:38 on Thursday, February 11, 2010          

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Posted by asimplecomplex

Each week I review new songs. My goal is to help people discover good music and laugh at bad music. Check it out:

Can Machine Head pull off a Pantera song with their long history of bad remakes? Can BoB make this metalhead swoon over a romantic club jam? And somebody please tell me when Air Supply started recording under the name Dream Theater!

Can Avril Lavigne write a decent song on her own? Does Train know when to abandon a terrible song? And why the hell would someone name a band "You Say Party! We Say Die!"?

Re: Music Review Column    17:45 on Thursday, February 11, 2010          

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Posted by jsmusicbox

well, disney mania 7 is actually pretty good. i'm a sucker for those classic disney songs. selena gomez does a great cover for Trust in Me. do you think this could ever go mainstream?


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