Christian TVís SCANDY MV

Christian TVís SCANDY MV

Christian TVís SCANDY MV    16:29 on Tuesday, June 15, 2010          

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Posted by rockitmarty

Have you guys seen Christian TVís old video for his song ďWhen She Turns 18Ē? Itís uhh pretty raunchy/scandalous. (youtube link: Heís releasing a new version of the video this coming Thursday the 17th. What do you guys think the new one is going to be like? Iím thinking itíll involve less bedroom shots and hopefully some more coverage on the girlsÖahaah. The first one was definitely on the racy side, but I have to admit the actual song is pretty catchy. After all, itís Britney Spearsí new favorite song according to her most recent Tweet :P


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