Great opportunity for aspiring singers in the UK

Great opportunity for aspiring singers in the UK

Great opportunity for aspiring singers in the UK    05:27 on Friday, April 27, 2012          

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Posted by Audiojack

Voices with the power to inspire and excite an audience are hard to find, but Audiojack believe new talent deserves to be heard. For this reason we have teamed up with Shure to launch the first Audiojack and Shure Singing Competition

Audiojack is a new site offering free instant access to expert musical training, from some of the finest professional vocalists working today. Members learn through online video courses, performance coaching and specialized course notes as well as an online community, all without charge.

In order to further promote aspiring singers, we are conducting a nationwide search for undiscovered vocalists. Two competition tracks have been written exclusively for the competition by Dave Marks, and entrants will be judged on their unique take on the song as well as their vocal ability.

Prizes include some amazing Shure equipment, time with engineers to help you choose the best microphone for your voice, and studio time to record a track. All entries are submitted online, followed by a live final.

For full details, search 'Audiojack and Shure singing competition' or contact singingcompetition at audiojackmusicians dot com.


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