Expand Your Mind with Shar Clay’s New E.P. “Snails”

Expand Your Mind with Shar Clay’s New E.P. “Snails”

Expand Your Mind with Shar Clay’s New E.P. “Snails”    09:05 on Saturday, January 6, 2018          

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Musical experimentalist Shar Clay is an artist who isn’t easy to pin down. Uncontent with following a well trodden path, new E.P. “Snails” adds fuel to the fire of the unique aesthetic known as “Yahgaze”, a musical style of which Shar has been a guiding force. Thundering drums, mountainous guitar solos, reverberating drones and spoken word reflections are just some of the sounds to be found across his latest release.

Perhaps most comfortable with his guitar, Shar Clay also utilizes a variety of other instruments and production techniques to create the mind expanding musical creations found across “Snails”. Inspired by the legacy of punk rock and his musical heros Bad Brains, Minor Threat, Fugazi, Sleep, Jimi Hendrix, Dead Meadow, Callisto, Cult of Luna, Mammmatus, and Hammock, Shar creates a music hovering between a landscape of extremes, “Yahgaze” is characterized by frenzied guitar solos, hypnotic tonal drones and more somber contemplative moments.

Stonegaze, post rock, post metal, psychedelic rock, fused with other elements such as punk posturing, abstract minimalism, tonal drones and field recordings are the main sounds to be found on “Snails” and past recordings such as the “Vision Catcher’ LP.
This is music born out of a desire to expand consciousness and explore the tender moments that come from thinking outside the box. Punk music has always been about disrupting what was and considering what can be.
Much of Shar Clay’s creative ethos born out of a spirit of improvisation and exploration. Ethics and social issues help to frame Shar Clay’s unique approach to creative artistry. In his own words: “Music is a language that you must speak with expression, it’s a way of communication. Telling a message, to live life with knowledge, wisdom, and understanding.”
Be sure to check out Shar Clay’s new E.P. “Snails”!


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