Your feedback/opinion required!!!!!

Your feedback/opinion required!!!!!

Your feedback/opinion required!!!!!    12:49 on Monday, June 06, 2005          
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Hey guys am new on here & just seeking advice??
Basically I`m the lead guitarist in a band called `Yankee Nine Niner` We have alot of interest & a UK record deal basically I`d like some feedback from yourselves reference our music!!

You can find our tracks on:

I`ll also post some reviews below!!!


Sound: The sound was pretty amazing for a pub. I`ll break it down: Henry`s (vocal) voice was very impressive, had a good cutting tone and a perfect rock feel. CJ`s (rhythm guitar) stlye fitted well into the band as a whole giving a great full tone from her Tele. Tom (drums) was very good. Nice diversity and strong driving rhythm. Neil (bass) has nice strong bass sounds, again fitting well into the bands overall resonance. Mark (lead/rhythm guitar) was very slick. One of the best behind a low slung an LP and on a Wah since you know who. [5]

Perfomance: Overall the band gave a brilliant performance. Nice style and good pace kept the audience very happy and apart from Henry`s slight mishaps with flying mics it all ran smoothly. Good strong opening with the single "Oh Yeah" followed by a good solid set never more than briefly interrupted, with a well deserved encore. This band would definately be excellent in a larger venue. [5]

Overall Impression: Yankee Nine Niner at the Brickmakers in Norwich on Wed the 22nd of March. I only saw the last song and half from the support who sounded pretty cool. I`ve heard Y99ER being referred to as a cross breed of Guns N`Roses and Aerosmith, who as a result sound alot like the Darkness. This is an analogy I`m sure about, the hard rock style of GnR was present as were the Aerosmith influences but they seemed alot more real than the Darkness who have seemed to die out recently. Free entry justified the venues less than Wembley sound, but it seemed to me that this is the kind of band who could fill a 90ft wide stage and still sound great. I`m definately gonna try to go to another gig before Wembley and can`t wait for the album. Great sound, great performance, great band. [5]


OH YEAH, the result of a drunken orgy between The Offspring, Aerosmith, Lynard Skynard and Ted Nugent could well signal the birth of a band that are going to be inescapable very soon. Henry Rundell sings in a throaty howl that`s like prime Steve Tyler while the band blast out the kind of polished rock that you used to get with Bon Jovi, Motley Crue and the like. You know the kind of thing, guitar solos that sound like they could go on for ever, pristine riffs and never a drum beat out of place.
Whereas The Darkness have parodied the whole hair metal scene and tried to pass themselves off as serious artistes, at least with Yankee Nine Niner where they might be going along similar lines you at least get the impression that they`re doing it more from the heart, and lets get one thing straight - they do it a million times better. GIVING UP, pulls you straight back to the mid eighties with its slick guitar production and sugar sweet vocal melodies. This is Def Leppard territory, in fact this could very nearly be a new Def Leppard single the similarities are so clear.
Yankee Nine Niner could very well be extremely massive over the next year.
If you look at how big The Darkness became after some exposure, and face the facts that Yankee Nine Niner are treading very close territory and managing to pull it off with infinitely more charm, sex appeal and panache plus the fact that these are songs that you`ll need to have surgically removed from your brain after the first listen. With the same level of exposure this is a band that will be selling huge amounts of records very soon.

Any feedback offered would be greatly appreciated!!!

Regards Mark.


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