Only ONE

Only ONE

Only ONE    23:39 on Wednesday, April 05, 2006          

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Posted by Cartman

if you were limited for the rest of your life to listen to one band forever, what would you choose...

Mine, of course, Iron Maiden, they just have so many things going on in there music that they just never bore me.

Re: Only ONE    00:17 on Monday, April 10, 2006          

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Posted by LED_ZEP_MIK

Jimi Hendrix

Re: Only ONE    08:13 on Sunday, April 16, 2006          

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Posted by sjgamer

both very good choices.
what I'd do is clone myself so I could have two bands lol.
led zeppelin and soundgarden

Re: Only ONE    17:46 on Monday, September 18, 2006          
Re: Only ONE    13:24 on Tuesday, September 19, 2006          

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Posted by FoxyPianoGirl

mmmmm thats a tough one but i'd have to go label society

Re: Only ONE    15:38 on Tuesday, September 19, 2006          

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Posted by Tool_Fan

I know this sounds wierd seeing as how my SN is Tool_fan. But I would probably choose Sublime.

Re: Only ONE    18:20 on Tuesday, September 19, 2006          

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Posted by imnidiot

Pink Floyd

Re: Only ONE    09:49 on Friday, September 22, 2006          

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Posted by MCRluver

omm... tough but MCR... but then there is of course the Used... and then again there is The Academy is... but then once again there is the Ramones... ya either the Ramones or MCR... top two

Re: Only ONE    14:42 on Thursday, September 28, 2006          

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Posted by x_murderxdoll_x

well, children of bodom have really good guitar and bass, but Marilyn Manson has amazing lyrics. I'd have to go with Children of Bodom

Re: Only ONE    07:57 on Tuesday, October 03, 2006          

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Posted by Haika

Ehh right now id chose Alice in chains, But i think i agree with Cartman and id go for Iron Maiden. They got **** many songs. Its gonna take almost a week to listen to all of them

Re: Only ONE    12:12 on Tuesday, October 03, 2006          

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Posted by sirpeanut

Very easy question for me.


Re: Only ONE    23:23 on Friday, November 10, 2006          

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Posted by bukowski

little known antifolk band from aus called the lucksmiths...they are wonderful like the illigitmate love child of Belle & Sebastian and the Violent Femmes (only with more funny/clever lyrics!!!)


damn good question though!

Re: Only ONE    12:28 on Saturday, November 11, 2006          


yeah, i agree, black label society is a good one also!

Re: Only ONE    22:55 on Wednesday, November 15, 2006          

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Posted by rushisqueer

Definitely Hendrix

Re: Only ONE    19:51 on Thursday, November 16, 2006          

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Posted by icegirl99

Evanescence, there isn't a song that they've recorded that I don't like.


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